After-sales service.

Comfortable with a variety of agricultural development services, fire boy.

  1. Offers counseling before deciding to buy a car, the Combine. Harvesting demonstration available for a performance before making a purchase.
  2. Serve to educate those who use the Combine. The training course. Combine maintenance. And success in the business of harvesting contractors.
  3. Service spare parts of agricultural development. Ensuring the quality and durability. The easier and more comfortable with the acquisition of spare parts all over the country at the service center and distributor of agricultural development.
  4. Hotline Agricultural Development Call Center.
    Agricultural development, we offer free care to the Combine. Every day is special. To provide information and referral service, and order the product - Genuine Parts of agricultural development. , Arrange to check in advance. And appointments online through the website. In order to facilitate for the development of family agriculture.
  5. Quick after sales service. Engineers and technicians provide professional service to both internal and external locations.

Terms of service.

"Every grain of rice seeds. Attention to agricultural development, "with friendly service. Knowledge and understanding person to work with people who care to take care of   you like family. With agricultural development.
 You will be sure to bring your car serviced at the Combine fast. By qualified service engineers and technicians.

Combine the vehicle inspection service according to the harvest of the season. Our car is what you need to follow the Combine.
Combine the maintenance cars in perfect condition and is always active. The quality of your card. In order to maintain benefits.
Are fully guaranteed.
Preparation. To keep the car on your rice harvest with confidence. Build the confidence of the owners. Cost to the rich flammability.
With the inspection service. According to the harvest. Of each season.

การเตรียมความพร้อม เพื่อให้รถเกี่ยวของคุณเก็บเกี่ยวผลผลิตในนาข้าวได้อย่างมั่นใจ สร้างความเชื่อมั่นให้กับเจ้าของนา ลดต้นทุนให้กับเสี่ยไวไฟ ด้วยโปรแกรมบริการการตรวจเช็คสภาพ ตามระยะการทำงานเก็บเกี่ยว ของแต่ละฤดูกาล

Inspection program for free.

  30 days.   90 days.   180 days.  
Systems. xxxx บาท xxxx บาท xxxx baht
Massage. xxxx บาท xxxx บาท xxxx baht
Suspension. xxxx บาท xxxx บาท xxxx baht
Engineer xxxx บาท xxxx บาท xxxx baht
Hydraulics. xxxx บาท xxxx บาท xxxx baht

Center of agricultural development. We will provide free inspection. Period without charge.

Except The oil.

           Lubricants and spare

We all have our own car. The farm boy and flammable. Combine your car serviced according to the harvest limit.
You can make an appointment before visiting a service center of Bangkok, Phuket Agriculture, Nat.


Warranty and the right to claim.

Agriculture and sensual boy managed by Thai agricultural machinery.
Combine a high quality new car dealer in agricultural production or development. The appointment only.
According to the harvest.

The warranty.

The date you start harvesting the first customer. You will need to notify customers about the company or dealer to be appointed.
To deliver our service technicians on how to use the car on the agricultural development of the thresher. How to Combine the maintenance of agricultural development.
With your customers.

The scope of quality assurance.

  1.  Quality Assurance is responsible for the repair or replacement of parts damaged due to lack of materials / parts or assembly plant.
     Under normal use of the car Combine each of which can be provided at the center. Nat City of Agricultural Development in Surin.
  2.  Do not waste any money. In order to receive service under warranty due to lack of materials / parts. Or the operation of the plant.
  3.  the warranty will cover the next car. The harvest period is specified.

In addition to the general warrant.

  1. The cost of maintenance or repair due to deterioration of applications such as ...
    A fine set in the suspension, changing the radiator fluid, lubricants, and replacement filters, fuses, light bulbs,. 
    Bearings, belts, etc.
  2. Is adapted for installation or accessories for use other than the normal use of the car Combine agricultural development model.
  3. The neglect or lack of proper care and use of fuel, lubricants or any of the chemicals specified in the "Combine Maintenance Guide".
  4. Damage to the surface of the body or not the result of the operation of the plant, such as chemicals, salt, rubber trees, or natural disasters such as hail, rain, lightning, floods, etc..
  5. The deterioration of the color (pale, washed-out or faded, color distortion) or due to corrosion. The lack of care. Used incorrectly. Or any coating as well as to store the car. In locations that are not appropriate.
  6. The loss of surface flakes of stone from cars or scratches.
  7. Remove or separate the parts from each other.
  8. The installation or repair of other services. Non-agricultural development of center fire boy.
  9. Damaged by accident or as a result of the accident.
  10. That did not check the length of the harvest. Defined in the "Combine Maintenance Guide".

Call Center

Been consulted on the appointment and service in advance. Combine your car to inspect the harvest period. To make it.

  1. Call Center as a private secretary for the reminder. To the consultation. Instructions on your customer's needs. Engineers and qualified technicians.

  1. You can check the queue is empty.

  1. To select the appointment by the comfort of your customers.


  1. Is convenient. Because your customers do not have to ride queues. I have an appointment already. Agricultural development and service center facilities.
    Technical and expert support make it on the vehicle's center line by the time the appointment. It can be checked immediately.
    The technicians will inspect completed within ............ days.