Message from the President Corporate Group of agricultural development.

Mr. Chanatuch Yokubon

Kaset Pattana Group began its operations to Improve Agriculture in Thailand with these Machines,

1. Axial Flow Tresher 

2. Combine harvester. 

3. Mixed Flow Grain Dryers. 

4. Crawer Rotavator. 

5. Corn Harvester.

6. Farming Tractor. 

These are our main products of the Kaset Pattana Group that was founded more than 30 years ago.


History of Agricultural Development of the Company.

          Thailand Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1975 under the name of agricultural development Factory in Chachoengsao. The main objective was to manufacture agricultural machinery for Thai farmers based on research and development of the current technology of agricultural machinery. Then, the Research & Development was based on the standards that were suitable to local conditions, agricultural know-how and innovations. It was, and still is, in the best interest of the KT Group to produce the highest quality for the given conditions of work.  The group has developed and makes progress relentlessly throughout years of hard work and close working relationship with farmers. OUR philosophy, “as long as RICE is still being grown our work will not be finished”, and we will still continue to develop agricultural machinery. Our goal is to see the advancement in technology of agricultural machinery to facilitate improvement of production. Thus, enabling us to meet the increasing demands of farmers for quality machines domestically and internationally.

Subsidiary factories: The Agricultural Development Consists of the Following Seven Companies.

  1975  the company established a factory in Chachoengsao for Agricultural Development.

  1980  Establishment of Agro-Industrial Development Company Limited.

  1991  Established the Thai Agricultural Machinery company limited (TAMCO).

  1996  Siam Engineering Co. Import Export Ltd.

  2006  Founded Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Thailand Surin

  2009  Established the Agricultural Development Co. Chainat.

  2010  Company founded harvesters Thailand Ltd.

Thailand Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. was established and in operation since July 16, 1991 its initial capital invested was  THB 8,500,000 (eight million five hundred thousand baht) The Company currently has 3 directors.

  1. Mr. Somchai Yokubon  
  2. Mrs. Kamonpat Yokubon 

  3. Mr. Kittisak Yokubon 

Dr. Somchai Yokubon is currently the Chairman of the board and Managing Director.

Headquarters located at 259 Moo 1, Tambon Don Muang Thong, Phitsanulok. Surin and opened a branch office located at 222 Moo 10 tiles. Chumphon Buri district. Surin.

Subsequently increase in the amount of THB 30,000,000 (Thirty million baht) currently,
the purpose of Article 41, the main objective of the company is engaged in manufacturing and repairing equipment for agricultural use, assemble and repair trucks, trailers and passenger cars as well as other agricultural machinery and equipment of all kinds.

Certified quality management system standard ISO 9001:2000.

Factory Address: Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Thailand 259 Moo 1, Tambon Don Muang Thong, Phitsanulok.

Scope of certification: Design and research, development, manufacture, repair and service combine harvester.

Began construction and operation of the company, Thai agricultural machinery company Ltd (TAMCO)

Year1990,       Designation of land for the construction of offices and production facilities. By choosing area in Ban Don Thong Thong Moo 1 Tambon Don Muang Phitsanulok to construct then construction began immediately.

Year 1991,      The factory was completed in the middle of the year; the founder registered the company as a limited company. Registration No. 126 dated July 16, 1991, then the day to day business transactions commenced. During the beginning of operations, the company employed 80 people to in the manufacturing and assembly areas  

Year 1992,      The Very first version of the Thai agricultural machinery combine harvester was innovated and sold to a customer at Uttaradit Province and the second one was sold to a customer in Pichit Province.

Year 1993,      Thailand Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd (TAMCO) organized training about Combine Harvester to the staffs of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, including Chief of Credit Analysis cooperatives in the northern and central regions (16 provinces) of Thailand. Number of trainees was around 120 people in May. In the same year, TAMCO has introduced a new model called Hi-Power that included new hydraulic system technology that was imported, the new model proved to be very popular with the customers.

Year 1994,      During July and August 1994, TAMCO organized training program for Government officers and staffs of the Department of Agriculture, altogether 4 groups, totaling about 300 people. The North-Eastern part of Thailand that are famous for the Jasmine Rice is called Thung Kula Rong Hai, Combine Harvesters Club from the North of Thailand, with the support of TAMCO, demonstrated and conducted rice harvesting for many farmers in the Thung Kula Rong Hai area, totaling 150 machines were used in the program. 

Year 1995,      TAMCO organized training program for 600 customers of Combine Harvesters on the topics of maintenance and operation efficiency.

Year 1996,      In early 1996, Thailand Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd was selected to be the winner for award in the scientific and technological inventions from the Ministry of Science and Technology. The award was incorporated with Bangkok Bank Foundations, Later in the year TAMCO introduced a new model, the Super Power model. The new model used the new transmission (PLANETARY GEAR), thus, making the model with a perfect Full Hydrostatic Transmission.

Year 1998,     The system of combine harvester and thrashers new version of "KT08" to increase performance and efficiency of the combine product was introduced to the market.

Year 2000,     With continuous research and development programs, Thailand Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd (TAMCO) was successful in introducing the first generation of the most successful Combine Harvester in Thailand.

Year 2002,     The second generation, KT08, with 2.5 ton rice tanker, increased the effectiveness of use for farmers. 

Year 2004,     The research and development resulted in a new combine harvester "KT09" to meet the needs of customers. There is a need to combine cheap, Quality and performance efficient, this new model was a result of farmers demand for smaller paddy rice fields 

Year 2005,     To research and development designed new combine harvester is the "KT11" to meet the needs of Farmers. There is a need to combine small harvesters, appropriate in a small field conditions.

Year 2006,     The Company operates a business venture, in management and manufacturing of combine harvester. TAMCO has continuously re-certified itself with Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2000. Research and development of new combine harvester for export to the international vision of "The wealthy have a million dollar tank" to make, meet the needs of farmers. The desired product, a small combine harvester appropriate to work in a small field conditions.

Year 2007,     In October 2006 Thai Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd (TAMCO) was awarded the Best Technology Award (Technology Awards) at the 2006 Annual Techno Mark 2006 of the "Combine harvester agricultural development. "Organized by the National Innovation Agency (National Innovation Agency), Ministry of Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology) award is, Technology Prize Award at the first branch of agricultural machinery. (Agricultural Machinery) and Best Technology Award (Best of the Best Technology Awards).

Year 2008,    In Feb 2008, Thailand Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd continues to research and develop on new combine harvester that is based upon the initiative on of the King of Thailand on "Sufficient Economy" and accordance with the requirements of farmers. That focuses on the smaller units of combined harvesters.